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Addressing SEL & The Arts through Drumming Up Character

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Drumming Up Character is a powerful, multi-disciplinary curriculum for arts education and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), combining ensemble drumming, dancing, character rap songs, and the performing arts. Designed to fulfill state and national educational standards, this unique program also includes reading, writing, and creative arts activities designed to build critical thinking skills.

Dancing Drum developed Drumming Up Character during a summer program with at-risk youth in Southern California. The challenge was to create a curriculum that would engage and inspire students grades K-8 to learn about good character and how to become a better person. That summer, the upbeat and fun style of the Drumming Up Character program created an environment where learning about good character was a “cool” thing to do. Students eagerly embraced the exciting music, and they worked together to learn the character raps, rhythms, and dances for their performance on Family Night.

The program was such a tremendous success that we decided to write a curriculum book that would enable other teachers to implement Drumming Up Character at their schools. The goal was to create a straight-forward and accessible approach so that anybody, even teachers without a background in music education, could implement the program. Since the first publication, thousands of schools nationwide and internationally have successfully implemented Drumming Up Character with their students.

For the first time, we’ve adapted this resource to an online format on this website. With over 80 lessons to explore, we hope that you and your students enjoy all of the resources that you’ll find here, and let us know how it goes!¬†

"Drumming Up Character" School Drum Day with Dancing Drum

The Drumming Up Character Interactive Online School is based on the “Drumming Up Character: Teacher’s Guide“, 2nd Edition, by Lindsay Rust & Steve Campbell of Dancing Drum (ISBN# 978-0-9816724-5-8) A 3rd edition is coming soon!

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