(Frequently Asked Questions)

What ages or grades are best for this program?
K-6, though older students may also enjoy and benefit from the music and other content. 

What is the cost?
Starting at $50, the cost depends on how many students will access the program and how long your school needs access. To receive a custom quote, we suggest submitting the form at this link

My students don’t have access to drums. Can we still do this program?
Absolutely! We encourage you to use found percussion like buckets and other household items to play along with the Character Rhythms. Basically, we’re looking for anything that makes a low sound and a high sound when played. For more about the different ways to play and found sounds, visit the Dancing Drum FUNdamentals page.

Can you share more information about the instruments that Mr. Steve is playing in the Character Rhythm videos?
Sure! The hand drum is a Dancing Drum Signature Series 13″ Djembe made by Tycoon Percussion, the red and blue double bell is called a BoomBa Bell (by IQ Plus), and the red tubes played on the white bucket are called TubeStix (by Dancing Drum).

Do you have a different question?
Email us at info@drummingupcharacter.com

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